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Hello from The Fishing Hole Family,

It’s Felix and Rosa here—we are the delighted owners and hosts of The Fishing Hole Cabin. This is our cherished retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains, and we’re thrilled to extend it to you! No matter where you’re visiting from, we’re dedicated to making you feel as if you’ve found your very own second home.

We fell in love with The Great Smoky Mountains while searching for a peaceful mountain escape that offered both a serene setting and vibrant local culture. The breathtaking landscapes, rich wildlife, and the warm community spirit of the area enchanted us completely! This combination of natural beauty and welcoming locals inspired us to share our slice of paradise.

We’re excited to share our dream of a tranquil yet enchanting mountain retreat with you. Our vision was to blend the rustic charm of a fishing cabin with the comforts and conveniences of modern living. Thus, The Fishing Hole Cabin was created—a place where simplicity meets sophistication.

Luxurious in ambiance yet humble in spirit,

Welcome, stay awhile, unwind, and experience the serene elegance of mountain living…

Felix and Rosa

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